Air Pressure Kit

Code: P9902-AV

With the module SEK Air pressure the following experiments can be performed:

  • Evidence of air pressure
  • “Magdeburg Hemispheres”
  • Air pressure measurement
  • Air pressure effect – external pressure diminished
  • Air pressure effect – water boils at 60 degrees
  • Air pressure effect – internal pressure diminished
  • Free fall – free fall tube
  • Transmission of sound in a vacuum
  • Boyle – Mariott Law
  • Determination of the weight of air

Kit consists of:

  • 1x P1522-1S Signaller
  • 1x P1522-1T Sound-absorbing pad
  • 1x P1522-1M “Magdeburg circler
  • 1x P1410-1L Balloons, set of 2
  • 1x P1410-1K Clamp for balloons
  • 1x P1530-1B Bubble burster, SE
  • 1x P1530-1C Plastic film for bubble burster
  • 1x C6008-5C Capsule plastics with cover, D=75 mm
  • 1x P1560-1F Freefall tube SE, L=35 cm, 
  • 1x P1520-2G Vacuum chamber complete, 1000 ml, with manometer
  • Solid cylindric vacuum chamber, with gasket ring, Cover with fixed ventilation valve,
  • Barometer 0 ... 1000 hPa, volume: 1000 ml
  • 1x C6100-2G Syringe plastics, 120 ml, for vacuum experiments
  • Gas syringe made from robust plastics, well dealing but smooth running piston with solid grasp, 2 adapter pieces for connecting with plastics tube D = 6mm (outer dimension), clearly readable imprinted scale,filling volume: 120 ml
  • 1x C1520-1S Vacuum hose plastics, SE, 300 x 6 mm Plastics tube, appropriate for over- and under pressure, highly flexible, D(ext.) = 6 mm, D (int.) = 4 mm
  • 1x P1515-1B Manometer SE, for Boyle-Mariotte experiment for analysing the relationship between pressure and volume of gas at a constant temperature, manometer with clear imprinted scale, range: -1000 ...+3000 hP. Plastics cylinder with a internal cone for the acceptance of the syringe C6100-2G


  • 1x P7906-4V Box insert Air pressure
  • 1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover Box -insert plan with 2 labels


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