Light Waves

Here at Irwin we understand that light has the power to affect our state of mind as well as how we perceive things we see in day to day life. From prisms to shadows, exploring light is key to both the primary and secondary science curriculum within schools. We offer a wide range of light wave teaching products all listed below.

Colour Mixing Kit £66.15

Demonstration Projection Colour Mixing £62.30

LED Array £55.00

Brass Small Bayonet Cap Batten Holders - Round base £45.00

STEM Ray box £35.95

Planck's Constant LED Threshold Apparatus £35.00

Red Laser Ray Box (plug top PSU) £34.65

Standard Ray Box - 24 Volt £29.99

Lamp Brightness Experiment £29.85

Standard Ray Box - 12 Volt £28.35

Ultraviolet Lamp Unit Mains Powered £27.56

Red Laser Raybox (battery powered) £26.25

Budget Ray Box £22.49

Raymond the Raybox £18.00

24V 21W Small Bayonet Cap Radial Filament Lamp £10.50

Replacement UV Tube £10.49

Ultraviolet Lamp Unit Battery Powered £9.45

12V 5W Small Bayonet Cap Radial Filament Lamp £8.57