Power Supplies

Our Power Supplies have been renowned for toughness and reliability within schools and laboratory establishments. All our Power Supplies come with a 5-year trouble free warranty and are designed, tested and manufactured in the UK.

Powerbase Class Pack £2,199.95

Powerlock Gratnells Tray Pack £393.75

Powerswitch Gratnells Pack £330.75

Westminster Gratnells Pack £315.00

5kV EHT Power Supply

5kV EHT Power Supply £309.40

Irwin EJ0127 £240.40

Irwin Powerbase HT £173.25

Irwin Powerbase V8 £170.05

Electrosound Powerbase £168.00

Varivolt 20V PSU

Varivolt 20V PSU £165.90

Varivolt 12V PSU

Varivolt 12V PSU £165.90

High Tension PSU

High Tension PSU £162.75

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/24VDC)

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/24VDC) £158.55

Irwin PowerBase S8 £146.94

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/12VDC)

Dual Output PSU (12VAC/12VDC) £141.40

Dual Regulated PSU

Dual Regulated PSU £127.75

Irwin PowerBase S10 £124.90

Student Power Supply

Student Power Supply £121.80